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Us against the world - Christina Millian

You and Me - Lifehouse

Everything - Lifehouse

stickwitu - The Pussycat Dolls

This I swear - Nick Lachey

I'll be - Edwin McCain

The time alone with you - bad English

I can love you like that - John Michael Montgomery

Breathe - Faith Hill

Bless the Broken road - Rascal Flats

Here -Rascal Flats

Te Amo - Alexander Acha

Back to your heart - backstreet boys

When your gone - Avril Lavigne

One last breath - Creed

Falling in love - falling up

Come on get higher - Matt Nathanson

It's gonna be love - Mandy Moore

Pieces of me - Ashlee Simpson

Just so you know - Jesse McCartney

All I need - Sterling Simms

She's not perfect - Jackie boyz

My all - mariah Carey

Far away - Nickelback

Here with me - eleventyseven

She cries - eastwest

Hey there delilah - Plain white T's

Lucky - Jason Mraz

Bleeding Love - Leona Lewis

Hey now - FM static

Because of you - ne-yo

with you - chris brown

wait for you - Elliot yamen

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Q: What are slow sweet songs for relationships or boyfriends or girlfriends?
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