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Drinking alcohol is one of the major causes of high cholesterol. People who are taking anti-cholesterol medications such as Zocor and Lipitor should not drink alcohol at all.

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Q: What are side effects with zocor and alcohol?
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Can you take ibuprofen with zocor?

You can take some to help with the side effects, but of course check with the doctor first.

What are long-term side effects of Risperdal?

side effects with risperidone and alcohol

What are side effects of snorting three lines of MDMA with alcohol?

Increase in cardiovascular side effects. Mixing alcohol with any stimulant will do this

What are the functional group in Zocor?

alkene, alcohol, ester, and ether. Chem major

What are the top 10 side effects to drinking alcohol?


What are the alchol side effects?

A major side effect of excessive alcohol consumption is dehydration.

Can you take alcohol while taking telfast 180mg?

If you drink alcohol while you are on telfast be aware of its effects. Do not drink more than moderate amounts of alcohol can increase the risk of side-effects.

Can you drink alcohol after taking phenergan?

It isn't recommended that you drink alcohol while taking phenergan. Phenergan may increase the effects of alcohol, and alcohol can increase the side effects of phenergan. Possible side effects of phenergan include dizziness, drowsiness, feeling like your going to pass out, swelling in your hands and feet and ringing in your ears, but more serious side effects such as seizures, tremors, fainting, weak pulse and slow or fast and uneven heartbeat are also possible.

Why is it bad to consume alcohol while taking Prednisone?

It is advisable to avoiddrinkin to much alcohol if you are taking predisone as both drugs are very bad for the kineys.

What are the side effects of drinking alcohol with tab omnacortil?

omnacorti whai kind of medicine

Why do people misuse alcohol?

For the same reasons that any other drug is misused. For the temporary effects they give. Unfortunately many, including alcohol, are addictive and the side effects can be cumulative and debilitating.

What happens during an alcohol hangover?

The side effects of an alcohol hangover include nausea, impaired mental function, fatigue, and diarrhea.