What are seafaring men?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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i think they are sailors

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Q: What are seafaring men?
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What is a seafaring?

Seafaring is a person traveling by sea

What sentence can you use for seafaring?

Great Britain was a seafaring nation.

What has the author Cyril Robinson written?

Cyril Robinson has written: 'Men against the sea' -- subject(s): Seafaring life

What is seafaring?

Seafaring is an adjective that means a person who regularly sails by sea.

Is Spain still a great seafaring nation?

I suspect that there are no great "Seafaring" nations left in the true sense of the word.

Is Australia a seafaring nation?


What civilization mastered seafaring?


What are seafaring people from Scandinavia called?

The Vikings.

Who were the seafaring people who conquered England?

The Vikings.

Can you use the word seafaring in a sentence?


Which car is known as seafaring car?


Which people were known for their seafaring abilities?

The phoenician