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Q: What are people who make prosthetics called?
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Who is qualified to make prosthetics?


What is the science of mechanical devices for orthopedic use called?


How many people in the US use prosthetics?


What does prosthetics deal with?

Prostheses are mechanical devices used to replace missing body parts. People usually think of prosthetics as artificial limbs. However, hearing aids and dentures are also considered to be prosthetics.

What movies use makeup prosthetics?

in the old star wars movies, before they had the technology that they have today they used prosthetics to make the creatures in the movie

What does biotechnology have to do with prosthetics?

what does biotechnology have to with prosthetics?

What Devices that are made to replace injured or damaged body parts are called?

They are called prosthetics or supports.

How to abbreviate the word prosthetics?

P&O - Prosthetics and Orthotics

Prosthetics.. spirit gum.. liners are all tools of the?

*Make-up artist

How to make prosthetic make up?

they're are home remedies to making prosthetics. but it'd be best to buy the actual things needed. for most prosthetics you need to use things like spirit gum, liquid latex etc. There is youtube videos which can show you exactly how to do everything. My personal favourite is Petrilude. Hope you succeed in making your prosthetics.

What did Michael Jackson look like without the makeup and prosthetics?

He did not wear any prosthetics. Without pancake make up his skin was patchy because of the vitiligo, he still had splotches of dark skin.

Are prosthetics a part of artificial intelligence?

No, prosthetics are not part of artificial intelligence. A handicapped individual who uses a prosthetic still has only his or her own intelligence, derived from his or her own brain. Prosthetics can help with movement or with communication, but they do not make people more intelligent. If a prosthetic device is ever invented that can increase a person's intelligence, that would be a very revolutionary invention indeed. So far I know of no research likely to produce such a device.