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idahoans- male

idahoes - female

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Q: What are people called from Idaho?
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What do you call people in Idaho?

People who are from or live in Idaho are called Idahoan.

What is something interesting about Idahos statehood?

people there are fat sometimes You can ask people is it Idaho or Udaho and when they go Idaho? You can laugh at them because they called themselves a ho! Sorry, I know it's not helpful :/

Do people live in the rocky montains?

Yes, they do. These strange people are called Americans. They live in places called "Colorado", "Wyoming", "Utah", "Idaho", and others. (Seriously, are you an idiot?)

How many people were hung a the Idaho penitentiary?

1000 people were hung at the Idaho penitentiary.

How many people lived in Idaho in 1890?

The people who lived in Idaho in 1980 are 818,148.

What is the 2010 population of Boise Idaho?

The population of Boise, Idaho in 2010 was 205,671 people. The population of the state of Idaho in 2010 was 1.568 million people.

Who are people from Idaho?

"Idahoans" are natives or inhabitants of the US state of Idaho.

Where did zak bagans grow up?

somewhere in Idaho... i think it was called cable, idaho

What is a person from Idaho called?

An Idahoan.

Who were the first people in Idaho that came when Idaho became a state?

Lewis and clark

How many people live in Idaho falls?

Idaho Falls is located in southwestern Idaho in Bonneville County, Idaho. As of the 2010 census, the population of Idaho Falls was 56,813, with a metro population of 136,108.

What was the population of Idaho in the year 1895?

the population of Idaho in 1895 was 90 people per square mile