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Other diseases caused by spirochetes include yaws and Lyme disease. Other infections spread by sex include chlamydia and gonorrhea. Other diseases causing genital lesions include chancroid and herpes.

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Q: What are other types of diseases like syphilis?
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Does penicillin relieve the symptoms of infectious disease?

Penicillin is effective for some infectious diseases, like strep throat and syphilis. It does not cure most infectious diseases.

Do moles carry diseases?

Moles? Any type of animal carries diseases. Moles carries different types of diseases though. But, they wont carry diseases like H1N1 disease.

Explain how diseases are transmitted?

Diseases are transmitted by feco-oral or fecal-oral route. Like cholera or hepatitis. By air borne route. Like flu. By vectors. Like malaria or African sleeping sickness. By sexual contacts with infected person. Like HIV and syphilis.

What is Romania health care like?

Unfortunately Romanians are not very careful with their health.

Why do poodles get diseases?

Yes, poodles get some diseases, like diabetes, cataracts (with age) hip problems to name a few.They get diseases like any other dog.

Do mosqitoes have a infection?

No but they can get them from other people like West Nile or other diseases

What are some diseases for being overweight?

If your overweight it can cause alot of diseases like heart disease and sometime certain types of cancer. I know there are many more though.

What are the two immunodeficiency diseases?

The 2 main types of immune system disorders are Allergies and Asthma. Other types of disorders are autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid Arthritis and inflammatory bowel disease.

What type of Immunoglobulin is found in milk?

The immunoglobulin found in milk is IgA. Cows milk contains also other types of immunoglobulins, like IgG and, in a smaller amount, IgM. The amount ant types of immunoglobulin can be affected by diseases of the mammary gland.

What is role of a hospital in the recovery of a patient in any types of disease?

life saving situations like trauma, degenerative diseases like cardio ,wheesing,then natal, post natal recovery. treating contagious diseases

Why should a person who has symptoms of syphilis seek medical attention?

Because it's an STD....It's like saying "Hey I want cancer forever!" Syphilis, if untreated, can actually have some rather serious consequences. It can impact the heart/cardiovascular system and even progress to neurosyphilis (tertiary syphilis). Also, syphilis is a highly transmittable STD, so anyone with syphilis should get it treated right away so that they're healthy and don't spread it to other people.

How do rabbits get syphilis?

Rabbits get syphilis from other rabbits: through breeding, or just through normal contact from living close together. Female rabbits can also pass it on to their kits.Rabbit syphilis looks like crusty sores on the genitals. The first signs are reddening and swelling of the area, and then the scabs form. The scabs can also spread to the face because rabbits groom their genitals this way. The rabbit will be in a lot of pain and won't want to breed. He or she may show other signs of pain like gritting of the teeth, and general lethargy, depression, and reclusively. If it goes on long enough, the rabbit won't want to eat or drink anymore, and then he she will go into GI stasis and die a quick but very painful death.Rabbit syphilis can be treated with antibiotics. Topical lotions might provide some pain relief but won't treat the illness. Some antibiotics are dangerous for rabbits, so make sure you find a vet who is experienced with rabbits in particular.See the related questions and links below for more info and help.Rabbit syphilis (also known as "vent disease") is not the same as human syphilis: the two diseases are caused by different (though similar) bacteria. Humans can't get syphilis from rabbits, and rabbits can't get syphilis from humans.