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There are many alternative insurance companies that offer similar coverage as a good alternative to BUPA. While the specific options vary, the prices are reasonable, and many customers are very happy with the coverage.

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Private health insurance plans similar to Bupa include those offered by the Canadian government, as well as by Bupa International. Other ones include Bojal and Jazzle.

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Q: What are other private health insurance plans similar to Bupa?
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How many people have private health insurance?

It is estimated that 1.8 billion people have private health insurance in the United States. Other people have health insurance through work, or they don't have insurance at all.

What does corporate private medical insurance do?

Corporate health insurance covers many individuals as a group. This allows companies to purchase health insurance for their employees at a better rate than other types of insurance.

How did the rise of private health insurance impact health care?

With the entry of more private health insurance cos, there will be more competition,resulting in reduction in premium and service charges. The customers may expect quality services from the health insurance service providers, as hey have the option to choose their desired insurer out of other cos.

How much does private healthcare cost?

The cost of private healthcare tends to vary from state to state or country to country. Some of the other factors involved in the cost of private healthcare are the duties of the healthcare provider. You can purchase private healthcare insurance, and for an individual the cost is approximately $5,000 per year for this insurance as an average in the United States.

Can you have Medicaid and a personal health insurance plan?

Yes, you can have both Medicaid and a private health insurance plan. The Medicaid plan will pay after your private plan pays. This means that your doctor (or hospital or other service provider) will bill your private plan first; then they will send the private plan's explanation of benefits (called an "EOB") to Medicaid.

What is the average cost of family medical insurance?

The average cost of family medical insurance in the United States is about $1000 per month. Most other countries do not need private health insurance because the have health care from their governments.

If a person's employer does not offer health insurance what other options must a person choose from?

All of the above Having no health insurance, which is true of 16 percent of the U.S. population Government programs such as Medicaid or Medicare if the person's income is low enough Purchasing private health insurance

Why might a person choose to buy individual health insurance?

any thing can happen so you want to be prepared what if you got into a car accident you don't want to be a fool and not have health insurance Health insurance really important to have you hardly her "I don't have health insurance" right like who says that? Now think why do people have health insurance if that doesn't help think of other insurance their all similar in same ways.

Can Doctor's refuse Medicaid?

They certainly can. Medicaid is a state run health insurance for the those eligible. Think of it as a business. Medicaid is just another health insurance to medical private offices, but it doesn't pay as well as other private insurances. As the result, many medical offices do not sign up with Medicaid.

Is the Celtic health insurance better than any other health insurance?

Celtic health insurance is more of a specialty health insurance company which offers individual and family plans. However, the ratings from the general population don't seem to think it is a better choice then other health insurance companies

Do congressmen pay for health insurance?

They pay premiums for their health insurance, as do other Federal Employees.

Is there any type or form of Health Care Insurance medical insurance a health care system whether it be government sponsored or private that the Philippines offers to its native residents?

yes there are plenty of private health care insurance companies in the philippines. the government also provides health care insurance to its native residents thru PHIC (PhilHealth), Medicare, Redcross, PCSO and many other government institutions. Just recently, even pawnshops are doing healthcare & accident insurance business already. any item you pawn to a pawnshop, you are automatically paying an accident insurance without knowing it,