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non-compliant or noncompliant user of controlled substance

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Q: What are other names for prescription drug abuse?
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What drug is driving the trend of prescription abuse?

your face is the answer

What type of substance abuse is sleeping pills?

If they are prescription drugs-they are considered prescription drug abuse. Some may be classified as narcotics.

What is it called when you abuse a prescription drug?

That is still 'drug addiction,' just possibly of the 'legal' variety.

Which state in America has the worst prescription drug abuse rate?


Can a doctor test a patient for prescription drug abuse without her knowledge?


Why is it important to have the pharmacist consult with a customer that has beenprescribed a prescription?

It's important in order to reduce prescription drug abuse.

What are the release dates for Power to Change - 2012 Overcoming Prescription Drug Abuse 1-12?

Power to Change - 2012 Overcoming Prescription Drug Abuse 1-12 was released on: USA: 16 November 2012

What is the average number of teens that die of prescription drug abuse?

Every day in the US, 2,500 youth (12 to 17) abuse a prescription pain reliever for the first time.

How many people are arrested for prescription drug abuse each year in America?

over 1000

How many people died from prescription drug abuse in 2011?

Too many. Legalize the herb

What are facts about prescription drug abuse?

Taking prescription drugs may be even destructive as illegal/illicit drugs do. Taking prescription drugs for several reasons can be very risky because a user will eventually fall to addiction. Prescription drug abuse may also have the same signs with illegal but there could be possibly more treatments to be given.

Is penicillin a legal or illegal drug?

It is legal, but available only by prescription. There is no problem with penicillin abuse since it is an antibiotic, not a psychoactive drug.