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A Crack head :P

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Q: What are other names for druggie?
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Amy Whinehouse was she a druggie and is she still a druggie?

she was druggie and she was druggie when she FINALLY died and now she is druggie forever in everybody memories

How would you describe your parents?

one is a druggie and the other is a drinker.

Who is America's favorite druggie?

America's favorite druggie is ozzie osbourne

What are good comebacks for druggie insults?

There is nothing, because you shouldn't be a druggie.

Is Adele a drugee?

no she is not a druggie

What is a druggie?

Someone who does, or sells drugs.

Is A rod weird?

A little, he's a druggie!

What do you call a person taking drug?


What is another name for drug addict?

A Druggie?

What if my wife steals my prescriptions?

then she's a druggie

Is Justin bieber a druggie?

No. I don't think he does drugs

What happens if you take drugs and your Muslim?

You'll be a Muslim Druggie.? (x