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During sleep, the body slows down, and it is normal for your pulse rate to drop a bit. However, your oxygen level should not drop. It should remain over 90% minimally, and preferably over 95%.

As long as your pulse stays between 50-99, it is considered normal. However, for athletes, it is often lower than the average person.

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Q: What are normal rates for O2 and pulse during sleep?
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What illnesses have a decreased pulse rate?

what could be the reason that my oxygen level drops below 80 at times during my sleep? i do not have sleep apnea.

Why the body requires fuel even during sleep?

The body requires fuel even during sleep because it is still working while you sleep. Heart rate, pulse, breathing, and circulation rely on fuel to keep the body going even during sleep.

What is normal oxygen level during sleep?


When does your pulse slow down?

In my opinion our pulse slow down in our sleep.

What is normal results from a polysomnography test?

A normal result in polysomnography shows normal results for all parameters (EEG, ECG, blood pressure, eye movement, air flow, pulse oximetry, etc.) monitored throughout all stages of sleep.

Is it normal for baby wheezing during sleep but she has an normal respiration rate?

no it is not normal but if you do see that you need to consult your doctor as it may be cancer or down syndrome

Is it normal if hamsters are sleepy?

yes it is perfectly normal during the day and at night they should be more active remember hamsters are nocturnal which means they sleep during the day and are active during the night

What role does sleep play in memory consolidation?

Taking normal sleep every night help in consolidation of memory. During sleep the neuron cells do the needful to consolidate memory.

What cause low pulse rate?

if your relaxed or asleep you can have a low pulse rate or even in a deep sleep you can have a slow steady pulse rate so its ok

What is normal pulse rate for 2 year old sleeping?

It depeneds but it definatley decreases because you are relaxed and you have a steady heart beat.

Is it normal for a 12 year old to be sleepy a lot during puberty?

It is if you're not getting enough sleep - teens and kids need 10 hours of sleep a night!

Why do teenagers sweat when they sleep?

Teenagers sweat more than normal, not just when they sleep. This is because about 3 million sweat glands become active during puberty.