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The body fluids shift out of the blood vessels and into the interstitial space. These fluids are used for re-hydration.

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Q: What are hypotonic intravenous fluids?
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What is the medical term meaning fluids intravenously?

Intravenous fluids or IV fluids is the medical term for fluids into the veins.

What can be used to replace body fluids in an emergency?

Hypotonic Saline

Why are Mallory-Weiss Syndrome patients treated with blood transfusions and intravenous fluids?

The patient is resuscitated and stabilized with blood transfusions and intravenous fluids to restore the fluid and electrolyte balance.

What concentration are most intravenous solutions- are they hypertonic isotonic or hypotonic?

Isotonic, because that is close to the concentration in the blood.

Why is a burn patient placed on intravenous therapy?

Also, because burns dramatically deplete the body of fluids, replacement fluids are administered intravenously.

Is intravenous used during coronary stenting?

An intravenous needle will be inserted into a vein in the arm to deliver medications and fluids during the procedure. The catheter insertion site may be shaved.

How do you get chemotherapy?

You get chemotherapy usually for malignancy. The expert will keep you admitted and then give the drugs, usually in intravenous fluids.

What is fluid balance?

Negative fluid balance means that a person is losing more fluids than they are taking in. If a person is diagnosed with this, they will be given intravenous fluids to keep them hydrated.

How do intravenous fluids get into the body?

They are added to a vein using an IV (intravenous) catheter, which combines a sharp needle (trocar) with a flexible sheath called a cannula. The IV cath is inserted through the skin into a vein, and the needle is removed. A valve on the exterior allows fluids to be infused, or blood to be withdrawn.

Two ways to deal with dehydration?

Drinking a whole lot of water, and intravenous fluids. Although, drinking a whole lot of water sounds like a bad idea, it's not. However, if one is already in the throes of dehydration, intravenous fluids are a better option. See a doctor in that case.

What is the Solute of intravenous fluid?

the solutions used in iv are the hypotonic , hypertonic, isotonic solutions .. :)

Complication of intravenous fluid?

Infiltration and Extravasation are problems that can result from intravenous fluids. Infiltration is the leaking of the fluid into the tissue surrounding the vein. This happens when the tip of the catheter is no longer inserted in the vein, but is not removed from the patient. Extravasation is the leakage of vesicant fluids into the tissues. Vesicants are known to be more caustic and can cause burns.