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Well it really depends on the guys personality. But look find out his interists and try to talk about the. If he likes sports. The talk about sports, and if he like Chess and stuff then talk about that.

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Q: What are good topics to talk about with your boyfriend in 8th grade?
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What are some good topics to talk to your eleven year old boyfriend about?

Bands,Celebs And Gossip,Kissing

Topics to talk about your boyfriend?

it really depends on how far in the relationship it is. If its a new relationship then it can be a little difficult to find things to talk about, but sports and movies are good topics. If it is a closer relationship then future goals are a good conversation starter.

What are some good topics to talk about with 22 year old boyfriend?

Computer games, music and designer watches

What are some good topics you can talk to your boyfriend about when you are 11?

Some good topics you could discuss with your boyfriend is (if he is into sports) ask him about the sport he is in; what his favorite type of music is; who is his favor band and what movies he likes and actors.

What should a grade 6 girl talk about with her boyfriend?

Favorite hobbies

What do boyfriend and girlfriend fight about?

If you are asking about topics to talk about with your boyfriend/girlfriend, then my answer is this. My boyfriend and I were friends before we started dating. try to see if you can think of topics you would talk about with friends. if you cant trust your boyfriend/girlfriend with certain topics or its very awkward, then you have a problem... hope that helps

What are some good topics that a girl can talk about when talkin to a guy?


What are some good topics for a solo talk?

pie is also ood

What can you do when your boyfriend doesn't talk to you?

When your boyfriend is ignoring you it is not a good sign. Talk to him when no one is around, but don't sound desperate.

What are some good topics you can talk to your twenty five year old boyfriend?

depending on how old you are talk about.. sports, cars, your relationship, things that you like to do, or things that you guys what to do together.. if you are asking a relationship isn't always about sex or talking about sex and when your boyfriend is 18 that isn't all they want to talk about they care more about you then about sex.

What are some topics to talk about with my seventeen year old boyfriend?

You can talk about wanting to have sex u really want some poor person 2 have 2 answer this!?!?!?! talk about death talk about life talk about the mircle of life talk about not asking me!

How can you become a good conversationalist?

find a lot of interesting topics to talk and blog about