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electromagnetic force strong nuclear force weak nuclear force gravitational force

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Well I do not really know

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Q: What are four universal forces?
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Which of the four universal forces are most important?

I'm pretty confident its the electromagnetic and gravitational forces...

What are the universal forces that hold the atoms together?

The following are the four universal forces: gravity, weak force, electromagnetic force, strong force. Out of these four, the strong force plays the largest part in holding atoms together.

What is the strongest of the universal forces?

The names of the universal forces are: 1. Electromagnetic Forces 2. Strong Nuclear Force 3. Weak Nuclear Force 4. Gravitational Force The strongest of the 4 universal forces is Strong Nuclear Force. The weakest of the 4 universal forces is the Gravitational Force.

The universal force that is most effective over the longest distances is?

The force that is most effective over the longest distances are nuclear forces. Strong nuclear forces and weak nuclear forces. Gravity is the weakest of the four.

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The four blood types are A, B, AB, and O. The universal donor is O and the universal recipient is AB

What are the four forces?

the four forces are;gravityfrictionair-resistance andpush

Which one of the universal forces is the weakest?

Gravitational force

Classification of forces?

There are four major types of force called as universal or fundamental forces of nature. They are: 1. Gravitational Force 2. Electromagnetic Force 3. Strong Nuclear Force 4. Weak Nuclear Force

What forces build new island?

the four forces

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