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There are no real 'flirting signs' to tell you if a boy likes you or not. However luckily there are hints that, if your careful enough, you can pick up on. If this boy isn't making his crush on you obvious bringing you flowers and chocolates, writing you love songs - which isn't VERY common! Then theres something to help you out; its natural human instinct to develop strange habits when were around someone we like. For example, you may of found around your crush that your constantly smiling for no apparent reason? that's because the whole excitement of being around him has released endomorphins into your system (those feel-good chemicals scientists are always raving about and the ones found in your favorite bar of chocolate!) - theyre responsible for that huge goofy smile plastered on your face everytime he walks by! 1. He'll look at you often, its not his fault - he just can't resist himself! But he'll do it while your not looking to avoid humiliation2. When he's talking to you do his feet point towards you? If they do then hes really paying attention to you. If not, well you get the idea.3. Does he do that weird smiley thing? That's a dead giveaway!4. Does he fidget around you? twist his fingers or touch his head/hair? - If so, hes nervous5. Does he tease you often? call you 'smelly' or likewise? This is known as 'playground flirting' as its one of the first methods of flirting we adopt as a child - although most teen boys never kick the habit - hes not teasing you to be nasty, hes teasing you to get your attention.

Hope these things help you out :)

Lizzy x

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Q: What are flirting signs of a boy in high school?
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What are all the signs of a boy in high school flirting with a girl?

Signs a boy is flirting with a girl: 1. When he starts making sexual jokes. 2. Becomes more touchy touchy like touching her arm. 3. Giving her compliments. 4. body language

There's a boy in my class in high school and I'm not sure if he likes me. What would be the signs?

if he ask's you out

Is showing off and bragging one of the signs of flirting?

Not necessarily. Showing off and bragging can sometimes be a sign of insecurity or a desire to impress others, rather than flirting. Flirting typically involves more subtle and playful cues such as teasing, light physical touch, and prolonged eye contact.

How do you show the boy that you like him?

Just tell him! Some boys might not get the"signs" that u like him for ex flirting

How can you tell a boy is flirting with you?

how can you tell if a boy is flirting with a girl and also likes her to an extent?

What to do if a guy you like is showing signs of liking you?

I know a boy in my class likes me,but I just ignore him.He hits me and he actually shows he is flirting!

Does a boy like you if he flirts with your friend and then looks at you?

If it is a look that your sexy he is just a player because he is flirting with your friend then giving girls looks or signs.

How do you know a boy is flirting with you in middle school youth?

He will comment you. Sit by you,laugh at what you say even when it's not funny.

What if a boy and I have physical flirting and what is physical flirting?

Flirting is indicating you care for him. Physical flirting would be showing you care by bodily contact.

Does flirting with another boy make the boy you like fancy you?

If you are not steady dating the boy you like then yes, perhaps flirting with another boy will make the other one jealous.

Is laughing with a boy flirting?

absolutely not.

If a boy asks you how old you are is he flirting?