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It's made with disgusting crap that is used to make computers and rat poisoning. And it kills you. You die a slow and painful death where you basically cough up parts of your lungs and tar from the cigarettes. It is bad for your body and can harm your future. Tell that to your 7 year old!

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1) economy of money

2) much better health during and at the end of your life.

3) much better conditions of you respiratory system.

4) much better conditions of your circulatory system.

5) much better appearance.

6) ..........





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1. they not cool

2. they underage

3. they wanna kiss sum 1

4. they not cool

5. that last 1 was important enuf to list twice

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Cause it is addicting and u could die from the tobacco

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Q: What are five reasons people should not use tobacco?
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