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Sources of information:

primary-information you have gathered yourself

secondary-information gathered by other people (such as government statistics)

possable sources of information:

journal atricals, web pages, books, interviews

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Q: What are different source of information?
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What is a good source of information for future teachers of special education?

A good source of information for the future teachers special education is different because all special educated kids are different in there own different ways and always have been and always will be.

What is an Information Source?

information source

What is a file containing information that is copied and often linked to a different file?

source file

What is the best source of information on property taxes?

The most accessible source of information on property taxes is the local treasurer's office. It will have not ony a schedule of taxes, but also valuations of different properties.

What is a data source?

a process of collecting information on a certain topic from different kind of media sources

How is conducting research online different from researching in a traditional library?

The simplest answer would be "credible source" information. Many websites on the internet give no source material, or source material taken out of context - if not outright mis-information. Traditional libraries, and their books, normally provide source material for third party conformation of the information they present.

How do honeybees convey information about the direction and distance of a food source that is far from the hive?

Honeybees will communicate where a food source is by doing a dance on the hive. Different dances are for different distances.

What is the difference between information source and information resource?

information source can be a book,paper etc. information resource is whole source of information

I want to receieve information on how to get my family insured?

You can do some preliminary research and look at all the different policies available. Your best source of information is to call agents from different companies and talk to them about what you want.

What is the source of dog kennel information?

What information are you trying to find out? If you check online stores they will usually have a description with plenty of info. about the different dog kennels.

What is first hand and second hand data?

first hand data is information that you have collected. Second hand data is information that a different source have collected.

Where can one find information about Carle?

Information about Carle can be found from many different resources. The most reliable source is the official Carle website, which has information related to its heart services.