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Spacial sequence Synesthesia is where you have an automatic visual representation for chronological information. If you feel like January is to your left in autumn and to your right in spring, you probably have spacial sequence synesthesia.

Ordinal Lingual Personification synesthesia is where you attribute psychological information to numbers, letters, or other symbols. If you feel like 2 is really immature, you probably have OLPS. There are also kinds where you automatically attribute colors to letters or numbers.

Other kinds of synesthesia mostly involve any arbitrary association between sensory information. If you describe the taste of strawberries as yellow, you would have taste - visual synesthesia, if the sound of a Saxophone reminds you of the taste of Oranges, you would have audio - taste synesthesia. Audio - visual synesthesia is one of the most common. Typically, people with this see different songs as having different colors and textures.

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There are too many, but i'll make it shorter.

syn could be any other sense or senses.

sight(shape,color, person, movement) >syn

sight (graph, grapheme, word) >syn







And there could be a chain of syns. such as:


(I never heard a chain of more than 3, but yeah, it's just an example)

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Q: What are different forms of synesthesia?
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What is a smell?

Synesthesia is a condition in which the senses mix together (for example some people with Synesthesia see certain colors for certain sounds, or hear different sounds for different colors, and so on. So smells can have colors for someone with Synesthesia. There is no definite answer I can give, for three reasons. One, you did not specify which type of odor in your question. Two, I, nor anyone I know has Synesthesia. Three, the mixing of senses for people with Synesthesia is unique for every person affected, so it is impossible to give a true answer.

What color is a smell?

Smells don't have a physical color because they are perceived by our olfactory system, not our visual system. Smells are composed of volatile molecules that interact with our scent receptors in the nose, triggering specific sensations and memories.

Does Jack Skahen have synesthesia?

yes he does. he has lexical synesthesia

Do people with synesthesia use more of their brain?

There is no scientific evidence suggesting that people with synesthesia use more of their brain than those without it. Synesthesia is believed to involve cross-activation between different areas of the brain, rather than an overall increase in brain activity.

Can you taste colors?

This could be possible through something called synesthesia. In synesthesia, one type of sensory input can trigger another type of sensation. There are many different types of synesthesia. Some are more common, such as the association of colors with numbers or letters, but most any combination could be possible.

What is conceptual synthesia?

Conceptual synesthesia is a type of synesthesia in which a person experiences a merging of different senses in response to abstract concepts or ideas. For example, someone with conceptual synesthesia may perceive numbers as having colors or shapes. This phenomenon can vary widely among individuals in terms of the associations they experience.

What is synesthesia in tagalog?

Synesthesia in Tagalog is "sinesestesiya." It is a sensory phenomenon where stimulation of one sense triggers an involuntary experience in another sense.

What has the author Richard E Cytowic written?

Richard E. Cytowic has written: 'Synesthesia' -- subject(s): Physiological aspects, Physiological aspects of Synesthesia, Senses and sensation, Synesthesia 'Wednesday is indigo blue' -- subject(s): Synesthesia, Emotions and cognition

What is synesthesia a symptom of?

Synesthesia is not a symptom of anything, simply a harmless condition of the brain that people are born with.

Is synesthesia considered a disease?

== == ---- Also if you ask almost anybody who has synesthesia they will tell you that they wouldn't want to live without it and the it is enjoyable. == == == ==

Can synesthesia be temporary?

Synesthesia can be a symptom of hallucinogens or sleep deprivation, but otherwise would be very unlikely spontaniously.

Who else has a condition known as synesthesia?

One person in every 23 has one form of synesthesia or another. Around 1 in 90 have grapheme → color synesthesia where letters and numbers are tinged with color.