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hi.there are 5type of medicines but sorry the third one i forgot,we follow by ABCDE--- angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor,beta-blockers,calcium channel blockers,diuretics,the last one if u remember plz send me the abbreviation..thanks

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Q: What are 5 medications used to treat disorders of your circulatory system?
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Is amoxicillin for circulatory system?

Amoxicillin is an antibiotic. It does not treat circulatory system conditions.

What are some medications that begin with the letter H?

Heparin is a medication used to treat bleeding disorders.

What is endovascular stent surgery?

surgical procedure that uses advanced technology and instrumentation to treat such disorders of the circulatory system as blockage or damage to blood vessels caused by the build up of plaque

What medications are used to treat sleep disorders?

Sedative or hypnotic medications.Trazodone. lorazepam.temazepam.zolpidem.Chloral hydrate. stimulants.dextroamphetamine sulfate or methylphenidate.clonazepam. benzodiazepines.

What is the name of the specilist who treats epilesy?

A neurologist is the specialist who treat epilepsy. Neurologists treat disorders of the nervous system.

What are psychotropic drug?

They are medications used to treat various psychatric conditions, such as depression, Bipolar disorder, psychotic disorders, eating disorders, and addictions, among others, as well as any drug which consistently produces a mind-altering effect.

Can drugs cause color blindness?

Some medications such as antibiotics, barbiturates, anti-tuberculosis drugs, high blood pressure medications, and several medications used to treat nervous disorders and psychological problems may cause color blindness.

Are there medications to treat retinitis pigmentosa?

There are no medications or surgery to treat RP.

How do you use the word neurologist in a sentence?

Sentence: Neurologists treat people with disorders in the nervous system.

Do psychotropic drug acts primarily on the central nervous system?

A psychotropic drug acts primarily on the central nervous system (CNS), where it produces temporary changes affecting the mind, emotions, and behavior. These drugs are used as medications to control pain, and to treat narcolepsy and attention disorders.

What type of drug is flunarizine?

Flunarizine is a calcium channel blocker and anticonvulsant that is presently used to treat Parkinson's disease, migraine headache, and other circulatory disorders that affect the brain.

How to treat a person suffering from AIDS?

AIDS patients are typically on a variety of antiretroviral medications to try to suppress the HIV virus and boost the immune system. In addition, if oppportunistic infections appear, medications are used to treat those infections.