What are 3 internal influences on your health?

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Internal health influences are mental caused by yourself. Some examples are your likes and dislikes, morals and values, and knowledge--that is, what you perceive as good or bad.

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media and social, and traits

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External and internal influences on an individuals health?

knowledge and attitudes

Match each example to the correct category?

(Apex) External influences = Your friends encouraging you to use a bike helmet has a positive influence on your health. Internal influences = The amount of sleep you get has an influence on your health.

What are the types of influences?

Internal & External

What are some examples of internal and external influences on phenotype?

external influences on phenotype

What are the influences on your health?

There are genetic influences, environmental influences, behavioral influences, and events unforeseen. The biggest influence on your health is your attitude. If you make choices that maximize good influences and minimizes the negative influences, the better odds will be that you will stay healthy.

How disease could start?

Disease can start from different factors that influence our internal balance. These can be things from external influences or internal factors. External influences can be pathogens and internal factors can be genetics.

What are two major influences on your health?

physical health, and social health

Dimensions of health and cultural influences?

the dimension of health and cultural influences is ability of human body to function properly.

What are the seven health skills?

Skills for Health helps students to understand health-related subjects. The seven skills for health are: access to valid health information, self-management, analysis of internal and external influences, interpersonal communication, decision-making, goal setting, and advocacy.

Influences on whether or not you use drugs can be what?

Internal External

What are negative influences on community health?

A lack of health resources

How is behavior different from other influences on your health?

the behavior is different from other influences on your health becuz it's tell's u if your health or not .it tells what u eat.

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