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The amount of sleep a night linked to a premature death is getting no sleep night after night.

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Q: What amount of sleep a night is linked to an increased risk of premature death?
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if you inhale sulphur then you could get increased respiratory symptoms and disease, difficulty in breathing, and premature death.

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His death was premature.

What types of illnesses can sulfur dioxide cause?

Inhaling sulfur dioxide is associated with increased respiratory symptoms and disease, difficulty in breathing, and premature death.

What are premature deaths?

A premature death generally refers to someone dying at a younger age of something unexpected. If someone dies from smoking at young age, it is considered a premature death.

Why is premature labor a major concern?

Premature birth is the greatest cause of newborn illness and death.

What causes premature death in north america?

The most common form of premature death in North America is heart disease. All forms of cancer are the second leading cause.

Can Premature death occur if the dimensions of health are underdeveloped?


What is the leading causes of death in China?

Vascular disease and cancer have become the leading causes of death among Chinese adults. Our findings suggest that control of hypertension, smoking cessation, increased physical activity, and improved nutrition should be important strategies for reducing the burden of premature death among adults in China.

What is it called when someone dies prior to life expectancy?

Premature death.

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In some cases, the first sign of fetal death is premature labor. Premature labor is marked by a rush of fluid from the vagina, caused by the tearing of the membrane around the baby; and by abdominal cramps or contractions

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