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a lot drugy

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Q: What amount of marijuana will stay in your system if smoked two puffs in a hair follicle?
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Can you pass a hair follicle test if smoked marijuana two weeks ago?

When you smoke marihuana you can get it out of your system within a week of smoking it but i will not be out of your hair follicle for at lease a month or two

When you have smoked marijuana for 30 years then quit how long does it stay in your system?

it stays in your system for a certain amount of time depending on how much you smoked and if you did it when you were tired or drunk.

Can a saliva test detect marijuana in your system if you only smoked once?

it depends on when you smoked it

Can you smoke marijuana and pass a breathalyzer?

breathalyzers measure the amount of alcohol in your system you gronk! not how much dope you've smoked. Are you retared?

Will THC show up in your system if you had not smoked marijuana?

THC shows up in your system no matter how you ingest marijuana.

If marijuana has not been smoked in thiety days will it be out of my system?


Will marijuana stay in your system when smoked once a week?


How do you pass a mouth swab test if you smoked 14 hours ago?

It all depends on how much you smoked. If you took one drag you are in the clear. If you smoked a large amount there is no way for you to get the marijuana out of your system there for you will fail for T.H.C.answered by: Drug Dr.williams

How long does marijuana stay in system if smoked twice a day?


Would marijuana be in your system if around it?

if the marijuana is being smoked then YES! but if you are just smelling dried buds then NO!

Is there THC in my system and will I fail?

If you have smoked marijuana recently there is THC in your system. Whether you will fail a blood test depends on how much you smoked and how recently.

Can marijuana get out of your system in 20 days if you haven't smoked it in about 3 weeks?

can majuwnana get out of your system in 20 days if u havent smoked it in about 3 weeks

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