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Q: What alpha-keto acid produce when alanine undergoes transamination?
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How is the reduction of plasma alanine concentration caused by gluconeogenesis?

During gluconeogenesis, alanine is converted into pyruvate and then used in the process to produce glucose. This results in a decrease in plasma alanine concentration as the alanine molecules are utilized for energy production.

How does yeast produce alcoholic beverages?

it undergoes fermentation

Answer key to keystone credit recovery?

the undergoes mitosis to produce gametes

What is synthesis of glycogen?

Sucrose undergoes hydrolysis to produce glucose and fructose.

Does essential amino acids include glycine and alanine and serine?

Yes, glycine, alanine, and serine are all nonessential amino acids, meaning our bodies can typically synthesize them on their own. Essential amino acids are the ones that must be obtained through diet because the body cannot produce them.

Why does hydrilla produce bubbles?

the hydrilla produce bubbles when added baking soda because, the bubbles are the oxygen that the hydrilla produce, while it undergoes the process of phtosynthesis in the water.


The gymnosperms produce megaspores and microspores. A microspore is the male spore and megaspore is the large female spore. The microspore undergoes mitosis to produce the multicellular male gametophyte. These male gametophytes are the pollen grains that are contained inside short pollen cones. The megaspore is the large female spore that undergoes mitosis to produce the multicellular female gametophyte that is housed in a large female cone.

If silver chloride undergoes extensive photodecomposition before you weigh it will your results be high or low?

Photodecomposition is any photochemical reaction that results in the decomposition of a substance. Therefore, if silver chloride undergoes extensive photodecomposition, weighing it will produce low results.

What is the function of the spore of gymnosperms?

The function of the spore in gymnosperms is to serve as a reproductive structure that can develop into a gametophyte. The spore undergoes mitotic division to produce a multicellular gametophyte, which then produces the gametes (sperm or eggs). The fusion of these gametes gives rise to the development of the next generation of gymnosperms.

A cell with a diploid number of 20 undergoes meiosis. this will produce?

It will have 4 daughter cells and 10 chromosome per daughter cell because the number of chromosomes you start with is doubled and then divided by four.

What radioactive isotope undergoes beta decay to produce sulfur 32?

Phosphorus-32 produces sulfur-32 by negative beta decay.

When matter undergoes a physical change does it produce a different kind of matter?

well the reason they do that is to see that if there are a lot of those kind of animals or if there is more of them.