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Well it depends really. Girls can start like boys at any age, mostly girls start to like boys around 8+.

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Q: What age should girls start liking guys?
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Why are guys are oblivious to flirting?

They are immature and start liking girls after we start liking them. They also are boys!!!

When do girls start liking guys?

Puberty, about 10 or 11 for females.

What is bisexsual?

Liking guys and girls

What does gay mean happy or you like a girl and your a girl?

In its English term, 'gay' means happy. In current slang, gay can mean anything from something you don't like, to girls liking girls, however it is defined as GUYS liking GUYS. Girls liking girls is called lesbian- officially.

When do teenage girls start liking guys their own age?

That other guy is right. Age is just a number but the age when it would feel rightf for me to start kissing alot would be 14-15 and on... idk im not u but around 13 girls start to feel certain passion and affection for guys or girls.

What if you've been friends with a guy and you start liking him and he starts liking you?

You guys should still hang out together and if things get serious you will see how it goes. Fate will tell you.

Why do guys and girls put people down for liking anime and manga?

Because the fanbase is atrocious.

How do you spell the word by as in liking both girls and guys?

The slang term is bi, meaning bisexual.

How do black guys end up liking white girls?

The same way they would like black girls. Emotions are the same.

Why do guys date a girl and like another one?

It's the "girlfriend" effect. When a guy dates a girl, the guy's looks are magically enhanced to other girls. So, girls start liking him, and BAM! He's cheating on the girl.

Should guys starts talking or girls start?

the girl should but if she dosent then there is something the matter with her she must have had a bad day

Why do girls stop liking guys once they know that they can have them?

what i mean is when theres a guy i have a crush on, i get him to like me, then i dont like him. why is that?