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eleven 1\2 or 12

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Q: What age does a girl finger hear safe?
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What is the normal age for a girl to finger herslef?

any age

Can a girl finger herself at age 12?

girls can finger themselves at any age because they have a vagina and they can use dildo's to

What is the legal age to finger a girl?

Look up "Age of Consent" in your area as it's the same for having sex.

Does it feel good when a guy finger's you at age 12 or 13?

Yes[: Are U A Girl?

Is it illegal to finger a girl?

Sex is not illegal unless it's against someone's will or if they are not of legal age.

Is it ok for a 13 year old girl to finger herself?

It's perfectly normal and natural to masturbate at this age.

What is the youngest age a filly can get pregnant?

The youngest age for a girl to get pregnant is 14 but it's safe to get pregnant only after the age of 18. not really ! well basically a girl can get pregnant from the age of 10! coz that when periods start!

Is it normal for a 13 year old girl to finger herself?

Yes it's okay for a 13 year old girl to finger herself most girls ur age do don't worry if u have any questions just k

Is it okay for an eleven year old girl finger herself?

Most teens start to masturbate at about that age-you're normal.

At what age does a girl get here period?

A girl can get her period at whenever age the earliest being eight years old but the common age is 12. So between the ages 8-16 is safe to say. Thank you

What age should a girl finger herself?

There is no should. Some girls masturbate all their lives but never stick anything in. Do what you feel like.

Is it okay for a girl to finger them selfs at 12?

yes..its totally normal cuz at dat age ur hormones over rule u