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When they can sit up on their own.

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Q: What age do babies burp themselves?
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Do babies fart and burp too?

yes, babies also have "gasses".

What age do babies feed themselves?

The age in which a baby begins to feed themselves will vary. On average a baby will begin to feed themselves around 10 to 12 months.

How do you burp a baby with burping cloth?

You out the burping cloth on yourshoulder and gently pat on the babies back until he/she burps... in young babies you must burp them or they get a stomach ache from to much air in their stomach how do you ask a question?

How old until babies can sit by themselves?

They can sit around the age of six months.

By what age are babies usually able to feed themselves soft finger foods?

12 mhts

Do babies burp after they drink juice?

because of the air they get in their stomach while they drink from a bottle.

What age do babies leave their mother?

most baby sharks are left at birth . so they can fend for themselves

Can I find a good selection of babies bibs and burp clothing at Babies R Us?

Absolutely. I bought most of my son's bibs and burp clothes at Babies R Us - both in the store and online. They have a great selection. Plus, you can pick up all your other baby supplies while you're there!

What are the names of some online shops having burp cloth in stock?

Burp cloths will be found wherever baby gear is sold. The websites for Target, Babies R Us, Buy Buy Baby, and Diapers all have burp clothes in stock.

At what age will babies start to fee themselves with spoon?

They will start feeding themselves if you teach and show them how to use the spoon, and you don't spoil them by feeding them. Have them figure it out on their own.

How can you make babies age up in Virtual families?

they grow up by themselves u just gotta wait

What's the difference between babies' bibs & burp clothing?

It's actually rather simple. When you burp a child you drape a burp cloth over your shoulder to protect your clothing. A bib is worn by a child so that they don't get food or drool on their own clothing.