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You should get a girlfriend whenever you feel you are ready for a real relationship with a girl. But personally, I'd say at least 16 years old is good for having girlfriends/boyfriends.

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Whenever your parents allow it. If they do not allow you to have a girlfriend for whatever reason, then the asnwer would be as soon as you move out of their house. (I do my best not to condone kids disobeying their parents so sneaking around is not the answer.)

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11-13 around middle school.

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Q: What age can you have a girlfriend?
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What age are you apposed to get a girlfriend at?

There is no age youre suppose to get a girlfriend at. Don't worry about if you have a girlfriend or not. For every person their age differs on when they have a girlfriend. There maybe an age range from 9-20 years old. If youre not in that range don't worry. 3-death.

What age is jusins girlfriend?

Justin doesn't have a girlfriend

What age should your girlfriend be if you 12?

11 or 12 is a good age for a girlfriend of boy who is 12Yo .

What age is harry styles's girlfriend?

i am harry styles girlfriend

Does charlie green have a girlfriend in his young age of 13?

i think he does have a girlfriend

How old is gabes saportas girlfriend?

He currently does not have a girlfriend. Therefore, she currently has no age.

What age to get a girlfriend?

16!! At least!

When will you get your girlfriend?

Anytime, mostly after the age 12 or so. I got my first girlfriend I believe around the age of 14 ( I was in 9th grade).

When should someone get a girlfriend?

Well if you mean by age?!?! love has no age.

What age did Justin become Selena's girlfriend?

At age 14 or 15!

What age can your girlfriend move in?

it's not a age thing you have to married her first

Should you have a girlfriend at age 11?

no. you should not have a girlfriend at age 11. You are too young and you will have no idea of what to with her. plus you don't want to get syphalitusaids