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It is safe to feed infants water as soon as they will drink it.

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Q: What age can you give babies water?
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If a mouse with babies cage is too small How can you give it food and water?

If the cage is too small to put food and water in, you need to get a larger cage. Depending on the age of the babies it might be too stressful to move them right now. You don't want to stress out the mother or she may kill her babies.

When elephants give birth where do they keep their babies?

The babies stay with their mothers. They begin to travel with the herd at a very young age.

How do I feed and give water to my hamster after she has her babies?

You haev to put plenty of food and water for the mother and babies. Just try to put it as far from the babies/nest as possible, and do it as fast as you can.

How do you give babies mineral water on baby Dow?

you can't get over it

What age can dolphins have babies?

Dolphins can give birth when they are between the ages of six and thirteen. This most commonly happens at age eight, though.

Can you give water to your baby?

yes, though babies get enough liquid from milk they still need to take water.

Your hamster is 2weeks old do you give him water or milk?

Do not give him milk. Have water and seeds readily available. They mature faster than other animal babies.

How can you tell when hamsters have babies?

Lazy and bigger nipples means ready to give birth

At what age can tamagotchies have babies?

They can have babies from 5 to 7

What age can bottlenose dolphins have babies?

At the age of 8-10 can bottle-nose dolphins have babies.

What age to babies start talking?

babies start talking about age at 2 years old

What type of milk does hamster babies drink?

they drink milk from there mothers otherwise just give them water