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If abuse or unsafe practices have not been reported, then notifying a manager or supervisor is recommended. Then, contacting local departments in charge of the field would be the next step. Further reporting may be required and is at one's discretion when reporting.

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You must go to the next superior in position. After you have reported the incident you still have a duty of care to your patient. If you feel that your patient is still at risk then speak with your line manager regarding your concerns. [ If you feel your line manager is not taking appropriate action, or you suspect your line manager of abusing a patient then most company policies would state that you would need to contact the regional manger. You would also need to contact an inspectorate body. ]

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what actions must be taken if suspected abuse has been reported but nothing has been done

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Q: What action would you take if suspected abuse or unsafe practices have been reported but nothing has been done in response?
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What action must be taken if suspected abuse or unsafe practice have been reported and nothing has been done?

call the local ombudsman... the phone number must be posted in your hospital.

What can you do if you reported abuse or unsafe practices and nothing is done about it?

If reporting abuse or unsafe practices doesn't lead to any action being taken, you can escalate the issue to higher authorities within the organization or to external agencies such as regulatory bodies or law enforcement. Documenting details of the abuse and reporting through additional channels can help ensure that the issue is properly investigated and addressed.

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