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Prescription Weight loss drugs Phentermine Bontril eg..


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None. Amphetamines are closely controlled. In OTC medications the stimulant is usually caffeine.

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psudephrine or stereoids

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Q: What OTC medications test positive for amphetamines?
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What over the counter sinus medication would most likely result in a false positive of amphetamines on a urine drug screen?

OTC (over-the-counter) medications such as decongestives that have Epinephrine or Ephedrine in it. If you don't have to ask the Pharmacist to get the medication for you and you were able to get it off of the shelf yourself, then you have nothing to worry about. All medications that can cause a false positive like this are behind the Pharmacist's counter.

What medicines will make you test positive for amphetamines?

Previously, ephedrine and psuedo-ephedrine could. Nowadays, the test is perfected so that these will no longer light up false positives on modern tests.

What OTC medicines show up positive for cocaine on a drug test?

Poppy seeds with test positive for Opiates as well as blow.

Does Acetaminophen test positive for pot?

Acetaminophen and aspirin are the only two OTC pain relievers I know of that do NOT test positive for pot.

What over the counter medications or prescription drugs could cause Amphetamines to show up in urine test?

If you're legitimately concerned that your OTC/prescription medication will make you fail a test, don't worry; they can tell the difference. Just let the tester know what you're actually taking.If you were hoping to disguise your use of illegal drugs by claiming to take some OTC/prescription medication, worry a lot. They can tell the difference. Unless you're actually taking prescription amphetamines, in which case, just produce the prescription.

Can phentermine show up in drug test?

URINE DRUG TEST RESULTSyes; the presumptive test will be positive for amphetamines and the GCMS test will be negative. This would indicate that you did not take a true amphetaMINE. yOU WILL HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO IDENTIFY ANY AND ALL OTC AND RX MEDS TAKEN; HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY PROVIDED YOU HAVE A VALID PRESCRIPTION FROM A PHYSICIAN.

What do OTC medicines do to a puppy?

OTC human medications are potentially life threatening to all pets, especially a puppy. Take your puppy to the vet now with all OTC medications he has eaten.

If you have a miscarriage will a pregnancy test still show positive?

Until all the hormones are washed from your body, you can still show positive on an OTC pregnancy test. The earlier you miscarry the sooner the test will become negative as there are fewer hormones in the body.

What OTC medications must be recorded before sold?


What can cause a false positive MTD drug test?

Methadone. Usually perscribed for an opiate maintenance plan.

How early will a otc pregnancy test show positive?

Usually 14 days post ovulation is a good time to test. Basically the day you expect to get your period is a good day. You will usually have enough hcg in your urine to turn the test positive.

What over the counter drug comes up amphetamine on a drug test?

Any over the counter (otc) product that says "non-drowsy" has a small dose of amphetamine in it. Primarily cold & cough meds. That's why they are locked behind the counter in most states; they are crushed and most of the base is cooked off. What is left over is used to make crank and other forms of speed