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In America and most countries, none do. In the US, codeine is a controlled substance that can only be administered by prescription.

Actually your answer is not correct. Cough syrup containing codeine can be purchased from a pharmacist and siging a log book. I am a Pharmacist and at least in Tennessee this is legal.

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Coscopin Linctus Syrup, Coscopin Paediatric Suspension, New Coscopin Plus. All are manufactured by Biological E. Limited, India

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Q: What OTC Cough syrups have Noscapine in them?
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How do you sooth a cough?

eat garlic

Can you take Tylenol with Robitussin cough and cold CF?

Tylenol is usually already in most OTC cough syrups, you'll want to watch how much you take as Tylenol is toxic in high doses and can seriously damage your liver, not to mention kill you. (4000mgs+)

What is considered a persistent cough?

A persistent cough lasts for over a week , with no response to cough syrups.

What cough syrups can make you fail a breathalyzer?

ANY cough medicine that contains alcohol.

What percentage of alcohol is allowed in cough syrups?


Is Robitussin cough syrup a pure substance or mixture?

Yes. Cough syrups mix medicinal chemicals and other substances to create the orally taken medicine.

Can chloroform be used in cough syrups?

Chloroform cannot be used in cough syrups. It is a known carcinogen (cancer causing agent) and has not been used in the field of medicine for many decades.

Why are there only cough syrups and not cough tablets?

most of d syrups contain dextromethorphan(cough suppressant), cetirizine(antihistaminic to reduce allergy) and guafenecin(works by thinning the cough).... syrup is used so that this combination gets absorbed rapidly and properly in your system.... :-)

Why is alcohol used in cough syrups?

so people get drunk

What is the deadly concoction of prescription cough syrups?

codeine and promethazine

Is cough syrup a stimulant?

If a cough syrup has alcohol as an ingredient, then it contain a stimulant, There are some cough syrups without alcohol.

What narcotic is often found in cough syrups or combined with Tylenol as a pain reliever?

There is a synthetic narcotic called 'dextromethorphan' which is found in cough syrups, but not tylenol. In older cough medicines, and tylenol, there was a narcotic by the name of 'codeine'. Hope I helped.