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Ephedra. Illegal Stimulant*, (uppers) like Clobenzorex, and fenproporex. Provigil. But the safest one of all, Caffeine.

* They are illegal in the US, though very popular in Southern California, and can be found on the street.

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Methadone will give you lots of energy, and it lasts a very long time. Also any other narcotic painkiller will do the same, however the effects are short lived and the effects vary from person to person. One can take vicodin for example and it will make them drowsy yet for someone else it may perk them up. it all depends on one's body chemistry.

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The best thing to take to give you energy is water. Another thing to take in order to give you energy are foods that have natural energy such as an orange or an apple.

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Adderall gives you plenty of energy. Not recommended because it is a prescription drug, and it also is highly addictive.

Other than that, Coffee!

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Sweet potato

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Q: What Medicines that will give you energy?
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