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Q: What Medication is administered to prevent or reduce fever?
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What is an antipyrectic?

An antipyretic is a type of medication that will prevent or reduce fever by lowering body temperature from a raised state.

If you are on coumadin and get a fever and since both coumadin and aspirin are blood thinners what medication can you take to reduce the fever?

An infusion of willow leaves and bark to relieve aches, pains, inflammation and fever

Does Advil reduce fever?

Yes, NSAIDs can reduce fever, to varying degrees.

Can Hay-fever medication which contains Cetirizine cause involuntary spasms as a reaction to administration?

Some medications can cause side effects if administered improperly. It is unlikely that spasms would result from oral dosage.

Is acetaminophen kosher?

Yes, it is a medication used to reduce pain and fever. Since it is not a food, and its benefit is not in flavor or nutrition its use is governed by other rules. It is kosher.

A substance with pyrogenic properties will cause what symptom when administered?


Does Benadryl reduce fever in a baby?

Benadryl for chicken pox relief and will it reduce fever as well?

How do you reduce a fever without medication?

Plenty of fluids by mouth and a tepid, not cold, bath. However, a fever above 102 to 103 needs to be monitored closely, especially in a child, since fevers can cause febrile seizures in children.

What kind of drug can help somebody ith an infection?

Medication is not advised to reduce the infection. That will lead to development of drug resistant bacteria. Proper sanitation, good personal hygiene, use of vaccines, use of mask and gloves at times are the basic mechanism by which you can reduce the infections. Preventive medication is used to prevent rheumatic fever, to prevent the sub acute bacterial endocarditis in damaged heart valves, to prevent the post operative infections and some times in immunocompromised patients.

What are the medical interventions for pneumonia?

medications are the best fight against pneumonia. Antibiotics are used to fight bacterial pneumonia. Antivirals are administered to fight against viral pneumonia since antibiotics will have no effect on them. Administration of a fever reducer can also be given to help reduce the fever in the individual.

How is scarlet fever treated by doctors?

the patient should receive antibiotic treatment to reduce the severity of symptoms, prevent complications, and avoid spreading the infection to others.

Does Aleve reduce fever?