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There are several different conditions that can cause the hands to fall asleep repeatedly. Some of these conditions include neuropathy, nerve damage, Diabetes, systemic disease, and vitamin deficiencies.

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Its Nottingham always the fact that u r sleeping on your hand but when your hand falls asleep it means there is no blood in it. Creepy right? To wake it up just wiggle you fingers for a minute or two. Maybe sleep with you hands on your sides : ) hope I helped

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Q: What Medical conditions that cause the hands to fall asleep?
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What medical conditions cause hands and feet to fall asleep?

Anything that could cause poor blood circulation, even hypertension or anemia.

What medical conditions cause tonic spasms in the hand?

There are several different medical conditions that can cause spasms in the hands. Some of these conditions include thyroid disorders, low vitamin D, pregnancy, hyperventilation, and dehydration.

Why do your hands keep shaking?

There are several conditions that can cause hand tremors. 1. Anxiety. If you are anxious about something, nervous, frightened or otherwise have an elevated adrenalin level, your hands are likely to shake. 2. Medical conditions. Parkinson's disease, alcoholic "DT's", and other medical conditions can cause hand tremors. If your condition is not caused by anxiety, contact a medical professional for help with the tremors.

Parasites some conditions may cause infections to the feet and hands?

parasites that ;undert some conditions can cause infections to the feet and hands are called

Can dog grooming cause your hands to fall asleep?

It might be able to. But not right away. it takes time.

Does carpal result in aching hands and wrists?

I think you are wanting to know if carpal tunnel syndrome can cause aching in hands...and the answer is yes!Usually you will have numbness and tingling or a falling asleep feeling in the hands,but some also have an aching feeling.You might have other conditions causing the aching,like tendonitis etc...the inflammation of tendons can cause swelling and this can cause the aching feeling.Arthritis can also cause aching,but it is usually in the joints and worse in the morning. for more info go to

Hands fall asleep?

Hands may fall asleep because of awkward positioning. Nerves may become compressed, which leads to the hands feeling numb and tingly.

What would cause dizziness and tingling fingers on both hands?

Dizziness and tingling in both hands and fingers can be caused by a pinched nerve or the limbs being asleep. It is best to see a doctor if this persists.

How do you have 100 percent full control of your hands?

People who have no medical conditions have the right nerve endings, bone structure and muscles for this 100% control.

What are the symptoms of the medical condition preeclampsia?

Pre-eclampsia is a medical condition in pregnant women that if left untreated can cause seizures in pregnant women. Symptoms include high protein in the urine and can cause your hands and face.

What does it mean when you hands are always shaky?

Shaky hands can be caused by various factors including anxiety, caffeine intake, fatigue, and certain medical conditions like essential tremor or Parkinson's disease. If your hands are always shaky, it is best to consult with a healthcare professional to determine the underlying cause and appropriate treatment.

Why is it important to use gloves in the medical field?

Gloves keep your hands sterile. Even after washing, germs can remain on your hands and cause infection if your performing surgery into an artery for example.