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Any sales job

Fight attendant



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Q: What Job requires you to smile a lot?
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What happens is you smile a lot?

If you smile a lot, you will naturally feel happier than if you did not smile a lot.

What is the best job that requires a lot of travel?

airline pilot or hostess/host

What is the doctors job?

There are quite a few jobs and being a doctor is one of them. This job requires a lot of schooling.

Where does the word smile appear in the book of Job?

Nowhere in the Bible is the word 'smile'.

Is it good to smile a lot?

You have to know when it is time to smile and when it is time to be serious...

What does a person avoid if they sufffer from vertigo?

Avoid doing any job that causes you stress and requires a lot of effort .

The guy you like would smile at you a lot and not your friend does he like you?

it depends if the smile hes giving you is a friendly smile or a flirty smile.

How does a girl make a boy love her?

make-up, make-up, make-up, perfume, perfume, perfume, sway a lot, sway a lot, sway a lot, smile, smile, smile.... though your heart is aching, smile even though it's breaking....

What is a military rc helicopter job?

A rc helicopter job is a job where you pilot a remote conrolled helicopter. This job requires a lot of practice. The pilots use these to spy on enemy controlled territory. It is the pilots job to be secretive and not be seen.

What is meant by ready smile?

Someone has a ready smile. It means that as soon as they see you, they smile. "Bruce easily got a job at MacTavishes because of his ready smile."

Is working two job easy?

Working two jobs is not an easy thing to do. It requires a lot of time and lack of sleep.

Do cops smile a lot?