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Physical, emotional, and social health- apex jit

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Q: What Jing is faced with a decision about drinking alcohol while at a party with some friends. Which area(s) of her health could be affected by her decision?
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Who are the role models for children drinking alcohol?

Friends and parents are usually the role models for children drinking alcohol

What action should you not take if friends do not accept your decision to abstain from alcohol?

apologize to them

What is the importance of alcohol in good fellowship?

Many groups use alcohol and drinking alcohol as a time to bond with friends casually. However, alcohol is not and never has been necessary to make friends or create bonds of fellowship.

What usually goes on in alcohol rehabs?

In alcohol rehabs, people learn to withdrawal from alcohol by talking about the bad news associated with drinking and how it affects family and friends and social life.

What are peer pressures associated with alcohol?

people can feel pressured in to drinking alcohol and getting drunk jsut because other people and their friends are doin so.

What would be a good rule of thumb while out clubbing with friends?

If you are drinking alcohol , a good rule of thumb is to stick to one alcohol- containing drink per hour. Alternate an alcohol-containing beverage with an alcohol-free one.

What attracts people to alcohol?

When people wants you to try alcohol you think because your friends drink it is cool and you want to cool like them. They force you in drinking it. When you try it you get addiited to it and alway drinks it.

How do young people get hold of alcohol?

From their parents (with or without their knowledge), friends, and unscrupulous adults who sell it to them.then they take it to a place where no one can see them drinking and then drink.

How can you get your friends to stop drinking alcohol?

Give them reasons why they shouldn't. Make them feel that if your friendship is important they should stop. Or just join them. It's actually alot of fun.