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you die.

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Q: What Happens When You Dont Stretch?
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Is it more important to stretch before or after exercise?

It is important to stretch before and after you exercise because if you dont you will get sore after.

If ligaments dont stretch how do knees bend?

Ligaments attach muscle to bone. When you bend your knee, it is the muscles that stretch.

What happens when you stretch a plastic bag?

It gets stretched.

What happens with the particles of solids when you stretch a wire?


What happens to your skin when you are pregnant?

What happens is ur skin stretches leavin stretch marks.

Can lawn tractor deck belt stretch?

They do not stretch. What happens is they wear and become loose giving the perception that they have stretched.

What happens when you stretch your ears out?

by experiences , they go back to normal (:

What is happens when the tendon is stretch too much?

Hyper extension

Why do I have lots of stretch marks around my breasts I dont like the stretch marks and i am afraid they will never go will they?

they are just growing im 11 and i have stretch marks and yes they will go away

Can you get your ear pierced with a 10g stretch and not get it stretched any further?

Yep, you can get it pierced with a 10ga needle. Its totally up to you whether or not you stretch a piercing so you don't have to stretch it if you dont want to.

Can you stop stretch mark before they start?

No you can't it happens by its self

What happens when you type?

your flanges will cramp so a stretch or message is recommended