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if you have no saliva in your mouth you can not taste anything

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being sick with a cold, fever, or flu is one of the causes.......

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Q: What Causes of not be able to taste food?
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Can butterflies taste their food?

Yes, butterflies are able to taste their food. They do so with their feet.

How are we able to taste?

we use our taste buds to touch the food or object and get a responce like bats but for taste

What is a taste altering berry that when eaten causes sour or bitter food to taste sweet?

Miracle fruit is a taste-altering berry that contains a protein called miraculin. When eaten, miraculin binds to taste receptors on the tongue and tricks the brain into perceiving sour foods as sweet.

Are guinea pigs able to taste their food?

Yes because if they have the right amount of foods they will taste it so little food they cant

What causes taste to leave the tongue?

maibe because you left food in your tongue

What hypothesis caused by moldy food?

Mouldy food does not cause a "hypothesis" it causes it to taste bad and may give you food poisoning.

What needs to happen to food before you are able to taste it?

Food needs to be broken down by enzymes in the mouth as it is chewed, releasing flavors and allowing sensory receptors on the tongue to detect tastes. Saliva also plays a role in dissolving food particles so they can be sensed by taste buds.

How do you get rid of sour taste in the non vegetable food?

Depending on the type of food it is, you may be able to sweeten a sour taste by adding a little sugar, honey, or other sweetener.

What are the functions of the sense of taste?

Taste buds have receptors for certain things found in food. Some taste buds respond to the pH of a food telling you if the food is acidic (sour) or basic (bitter). There are also taste buds that respond to sugar, salt and unami (asparagus). Each person is different in whether they like certain combinations of the 5 basic tastes.

what job do the nose?

The nose (nasal passages) help to filter the air. You also taste food with your nose. Try holding your nose while eating you won't be able to taste your food.

Why are foods tasty?

The reason why food is soo tasty because the food that ur eating is able to stimulate the taste buds in your mouth. Then from there your brain will be able to tell u if the food that ur eating is tasty or not.

Can an anosmic taste?

Since an anosmic cannot smell food, their ability to taste is impaired. A person with a fully functioning sense of smell uses it to identify food and sense flavor. However, since 40% of taste consists of information that is relayed from only the taste buds, an anosmic is technically able to taste. It is just impaired.