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Q: Were Victorian teachers men or women?
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What is the difference between an Victorian men and an Victorian women?

Men have a penis, and women have a vagina.

Who were the teachers in the Victorian days?

Many were clergyman. Women teachers had to be single. (Miss...)

What did Victorian teachers wear?

wealthy Victorian boys wore sailer suites and/or miniture versions of what men wore in the Victorian times

What were the teachers like in Victorian school?

Victorian teachers were not bad but they believed in discipline.

How many women teachers are there in schools and how many men teachers in schools?

how many teacher

What were the teachers called in the Victorian times?


What were some differences of victorian era men and women?

The differences between men and women in the Victorian era were many. Women were stereotyped into belonging in the domestic field to provide for their husbands. Women during this era did have suffrage rights, the right to sue or the right to own property.

When did Victorian Secondary Teachers Association end?

Victorian Secondary Teachers Association ended in 1995.

When was Victorian Secondary Teachers Association created?

Victorian Secondary Teachers Association was created in 1953.

Why weren't Victorian mothers allowed to work?

Victorian women did not have the right to work or vote. They were expected to stay home with the children. Men did not think women were able to work.

Were Victorian Teachers nice?

Victorian teachers were not nice at all they were allowed to whip very young children even at the age of 5.

What is the changing roles of women in modern society from the Victorian era?

In the Victorian period men often made the decisions for women compared to the present day when women no longer have a set role. The jobs that they can perform are a lot more diverse and varied in nature both international and domestic legislation bestows equal rights to men and women.