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Q: Well you better quit gittin me riled up else they'll be totin you out sooner than you expect?
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What is a good comeback to judgmental people?

ignore them an sooner or later theyll realize they were wrong

Who can you tall that a boy likes you?

If there not to nervouse theyll stear at you and if you turn in there direction theyll turn away. Theyll talk to you and try to be your friend. Or theyll show of in front you and try yo get your attention.

Can water snails eat fish foodflakes?

yes they can just put themm on yhe side of your tank and sooner or later theyll eat you could also see ther mouths move while eating

How did knights prepare for battle?

theyll have a feast and the enxt day theyll battle

Would it be better to demolish the Giza pyramids to get oil or not?

that's the last of the ancient world wonders. theyll keep it up.

Who is better mancheste united or Barcelona?

Manchester are way better because of the high quality players they have and how good team woerk they have i bet theyll win againxt them on may 28 2011

Why is srilanka killing the people?

Sri lanka had a SAARC many have died because of war.They kill for their rights the 2 leaders are killing sooner or later theyll be thrown in jail go to lankasri and check out the harmful videos of blind kill nose off and more

Can I carry gun parts in airline luggage undeclared?

I wouldn't try. no. theyll put you in jail. even if you declare it theyll confiscate it and make you pay something.

What relaxed chickens?

if you pet them gently, theyll relax

How do mountain zebras mate?

they just have to or theyll die

what happens if dolphins find food?

theyll eat it

Do deers eat cat food?

well it depend on how there taste buds are if they are really hungery theyll eat it if not theyll rather choose a meal a regular deer would eat