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Most likely the helmet is either too tight or it doesn't fit your head properly. This probably caused a compression of the nerves in the area and thus they "went numb". Just like your foot falling asleep if you sit on your hip just right. Another cause could be due to lack of blood flow to that area (same reason).

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Q: Wearing a football helmet and back of your head went numb?
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Is a helmet worth wearing?

If you think your head is worth protecing then a helmet is worth wearing.

How is wearing a bicycle helmet protecting many systems?

Wearing a helmet protects the head, and many of your body's systems are controlled from there.

What is the best way to prevent football injuries?

bye wearing a helmet u can block urr head tht way u dont get a injury

What is the importance of wearing a baseball helmet?

Imagine having a hard beaseball hit your head. Helmets protect your head from any damage something can do to you. Remember: by wearing a helmet, you're staying safe.

How can head injuries be prevented?

By wearing proper padding whenever you play something you can injure your head doing. If your building something on a construction site, wear a hard hat. And if your playing football or riding your bike, wear a helmet that properly fits your head. Wear a helmet during activities in which deals with you bumping your head.

How do Indians with a ball on there head play football?

They have to wear a special helmet with a weiner hole in the middle of the helmet. It is at the top of the helmet.

What are the benefits of wearing a helmet when skateboarding?

Because you dont want to crack open your head or get a concussion.

Is wearing a helmet good for riding a bike?

As long as you don't fall off, wearing a helmet or not doesn't matter. But if you should fall off, a helmet offers easy and inexpensive protection against head injuries.

If one is not wearing a motorbike helmet how traumatic can the head injury be when in an accident?

Head injuries during accidents can be very traumatic if one is not wearing a motorbike helmet. Often times, these accidents can result in brain trauma and comas.

Does the use of a helmet greatly decrease the risk of injury during a bike accident?

Wearing a bicycle helmet can greatly decrease the risk of head trauma. Other injuries on bicycles will not be affected by helmet use. The helmet is there to protect the head.

What is on the football helmet of the University of South Florida?

It looks like a bull's head

What kind of head injuries may be caused by not wearing a helmet and falling off of a bike?

cracked head or knot or scrape