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Q: We have slept together but can we be friends?
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Is it ok that your friends slept together in the bed next to you?


Did Plies sleep with Ashanti?

Yes, he slept with her multiple times.Hell No! What kind of question and answer is this? Ashanti was only featured and starred in Plies' # 1 single Want it,Need it.They are friends but never slept together.

How do you use slept in a sentence?

I once slept in the Lincoln bedroom at the White House. I slept through the movie. We slept through the earthquake. I slept over at a friends house. ect.

If you fall asleep on someone and they fall asleep as well does that mean you slept together?

well yes you slept together!

Is yami goutam slept with John Abraham?

No. Yami Gautam did not sleep with john abraham. They are just friends and co actors as well. They had one or two movies together.

Has nick ever slept or kissed Selena gomez?

they've definetly kissed but never slept together

Why did my best friends sleep with my man?

he slept with her because he is not satisfied with you

What happened when romeo and Juliet slept together?

they had sex!!!!

Does Apollo like Vera?

yes they slept together

Is it a sign your man is cheating if he contacts a woman whom he denies he ever slept with before you were together?

Believe it or not men and women can be friends. I have several male friends, and no, I've never slept with any of them. My husband has a couple of very good female friends and I have them over for dinner on occasion. If you know you love each other then there should be no cause for jealousy or wondering if your husband is having an affair. Men and women have to work together in the workplace, but it doesn't always mean they are having an affair. Now, what you have to decide is why he contacted this woman, and if says he's never slept with her surprise him and say, "Well, if you are friends set up a time and have her for dinner." If he bulks at this idea then he isn't being totally honest. Good luck Marcy

Did anne of cleves and Henry have a baby?

No they never slept together

Has Selena slept with justin?

yes they have in bed together alot.