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by not throwing garbage in rivers and lakes

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Q: Ways to conserve and preserve water pollution?
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Ways to conserve water at school?

Ways you can conserve water in schools include turning the water off while brushing your teeth and encouraging the school to install low flow toilets. Many schools are incorporating fixtures that automatically conserve water.

What actors and actresses appeared in Creative Ways to Conserve Water - 2013?

The cast of Creative Ways to Conserve Water - 2013 includes: Daniel Morton as Jimmy

What are the ways in which Singapore conserve water?

cleaning in semklmdom

What are 2 ways that you could preserve the wetlands?

Water them!!!!

How can you preserve the pristine glory of mountainsides?

their environment should be coserved

What are the best ways to conserve water?

by trying to not use so much water

How can we conserve water?

There are many ways that we can conserve water each day. Taking shorter showers, turning off the water while brushing your teeth are two ways. When you do dishes, do not leave the water running. Collect rain water in order to water your garden in the summer months.

Ways to conserve plant and animal kingdom?

ways to conserve plant and animal kingdom

List the major types of water pollutants suggest ways to reduce the level of each type of pollutant in a water supply?

Some of the major types of water pollutants are chemical pollution, nutrient pollution, and microbial pollution. Ways to reduce microbiological pollution are by having facilities to clean the water. To reduce nutrient pollution stop using fertilizers and to reduce chemical pollution monitor companies more closely to stop them from dumping chemicals into the water.

How would I ensure that our natural resources are conserved?

we have to conserve our earth for our living.we have to conserve natural resources.conserve water,plant trees,protest against de forestation,prevent pollution of air,water,soil,reduce the use of

Why do we need to conserve the kakapo?

ways to help conserve the kakapo

What are the ways to preserve and protect your country?

what are the ways to preserve and protect our country?