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(From the Glade website

"...Glade® Wisp® Candles are no longer available - they were discontinued earlier this year. If you're a huge fan, a few quantities are left in our warehouse and can be purchased through our Mail Order while they last. For pricing information, call 800-848-2588.

If you're interested in trying something new that is not electrical, we hope you'll give Glade® Sense & Spray™ a try. It is a motion-sensored, battery operated air freshener that delivers a burst of fragrance only when you need it. It is also available in many of the same fragrances as the Glade® Wisp®. Visit for more details. We think you'll find something you'll like just as much!"

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Q: Was the glade wisp discontinued
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The company replaced them with a new product, the Glade Wax Melts Warmers.

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Glade is an S. C. Johnson & Son brand of household air fresheners. The family of products include: Aerosol Sprays, Candles, Car Scented Oil, Carpet & Room, Glass Scents, PlugIns, PlugIns Scented Oil, Press'n Fresh, Secrets, Scented Oil Candles, and Wisp. Glade is a worldwide brand, known variously around the world as Glade, Gleid, Brise, etc. SOURCE:

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