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Yes, they were friends. She was introduced to him by Robert Palmer in 1975.

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Q: Was Geraldine Edwards Robert Palmers partner friends with Chris Blackwell the founder of Island Records?
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Is it true that the rock muse Geraldine Edwards was the model on the cover of Robert Palmers 1975 Pressure Drop?

That is true, according to Chris Blackwell and the liner notes on Pressure Drop. The picture was taken in October of 1975, when Geraldine Edwards was eighteen years old. She had met Robert Palmer that same year. Chris Blackwell, who was the owner of Island Records, the label Robert Palmer was signed to from 1974 to 1989, quoted in 1987 "In my opinion, Geraldine Edwards sold as many copies of Pressure Drop as did Robert Palmer. Quite a few men bought the album just for it's cover photo. It was risque but I went with it. The seventies were a time of expansion in every way, including the widening of boundaries and what was considered socially acceptable. It shocked some but I as willing to take the risk."

What has the author Geraldine McLain written?

Geraldine McLain has written: 'The Iredell County marriage records, 1851-1885' -- subject(s): Genealogy, Marriage records

Who was the founder of Island Records?

The founder of Island Records is named Chris Blackwell. It was co-founded by Graeme Goodall, who lived in Jamaica at the time, while Blackwell like in the UK.

When did chris blackwell started his business?

Christopher Percy Blackwell created Island Records in 1958 at age twenty-two with $10,000 start-up money provided to him by his parents, Blance Lindo and Joseph Blackwell. His business partner was Grame Goodall, a radio personality popular at the time. Blackwell's parents, Blance Lindo and Joseph Blackwell were wealthy from birth. Blanche Lindo was born to a wealthy land owners and importers based in Jamaica and Blackwell's father, Joseph Blackwell, was the scion of Blackwell foods, a well-known brand of luxury condiments based in the British Isles. Blackwell always had very good business sensibilities although he was not formally educated at any University. He was quoted as saying that he followed his instincts. His parents were willing to back him in his plans. Island records became the parent corporation for Trojan Records, Chrysalis Records, Virgin Records and later Mango Records. Chris Blackwell sold his stake in Island Records to Polygram in 1989. Polygram sold to Universal Musical Group in 1998. In 1997, Chris Blackwell sold his shares with Polygram to the Universal Musical Group. In 1989, Chris Blackwell created Palm Pictures, a film, media and music company, which later merged with Rykodisk and became Ryko-Palm Productions. The production company produced Mandela and other successful independent productions. In 2008, Chris Blackwell established Blackwell's Black Gold Rum and Distributing Company, purveyors of deluxe alcohol based beverages. And in 2011 Chris Blackwell and Simon Fuller created Blackwell-Fuller, an artist to media company that specializes in media relations for those in the entertainment field. Simon Fuller, Blackwell's new partner, is the founder XIX Productions, the creator of American Idol. Chris Blackwell was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2001. He is seventy-three years old.

What was the name of Bob Marley's record label?

The record label was Island Records, owned by Chris Blackwell

Who discovered the singer Rodert nesta Marley also known as bob Marley?

Chris Blackwell, owner/president of Island Records

Did Robert Palmer the singer have difficulties getting along with Chris Blackwell his mentor and the founder of Island Records According to one article that was said?

No, that was not the case. Blackwell and Palmer did not only get along well in the creative vernacular, but they were close personal friends as well. Robert Palmer was introduced to Chris Blackwell by his good friend Jack Bruce prior to being signed to Island Records. Shortly thereafter Blackwell signed the group Vinegar Joe to Island Records of which Palmer was a member. When Palmer left Island Records in 1994 to sign with EMI Records, the decision was strictly business, not personal. EMI was able to offer Palmer a more lucrative contract, and he took them up on their offer. Palmer and Blackwell remained close friends until Palmer's death in September of 2003. Palmer and Blackwell were also business partners in ventures unrelated to the music field, embarking on numerous successful business projects together. Palmer and Blackwell owned a string of B & B's in the Napa Valley/San Francisco Area that were quite profitable. They also worked together on land development deals as well as other business ventures. By all accounts, the two remained close in Palmer's lifetime.

Are Chris Blackwell the founder of Island Records and Robert Stigwood friends?

Yes, they are. They have known one another for a number of years, in fact since the sixties.

Who owns Ian Fleming's GoldenEye house today?

The Goldeneye estate is currently co-owned by Chris Blackwell (Island Records founder) and Island Outpost.

What is the story behind the Wikipedia editor who was convicted of internet harassment against Geraldine Edwards the inspiration for penny lane in almost famous and Robert palmers fiancee?

It is true that Geraldine Edwards, now Geraldine Flemming-Mueller, she's been married for over eight years now to her husband Anthony Flemming-Mueller, was attacked via the Internet by a Wikipedia editor whom I am unable to name due to legal reasons, however his Wikipedia handle begins with B. The background story is that this Wikipedia editor launched an Internet assault and smear campaign against Geraldine Flemming-Mueller, making both violent and pornographic comments about her, and creating three websites attacking her in an illegal manner. The malignant attacks were traced back to a Wikipedia editor who lives in Oakland, and a friend of Mary Ambrose, who was a former girlfriend of Robert Palmer. Geraldine Edwards was Robert Palmer's fiancee at the time of his death. Although Geraldine Flemming-Mueller has never met Mary Ambrose, Ambrose has launched personal attacks on her over the years. This time she launched an attack against Geraldine Flemming-Mueller through her friend of over two years, this Wikipedia editor. When the attacks were traced back to this Oakland Wikipedia editor, he was arrested and questioned. He freely admitted when interviewed by the police that he and Mary Ambrose had decided that Geraldine Edwards had to be 'taken down a peg' and 'put in her place.' He didn't understand that his actions were illegal and argued the point with the police. He explained that he had met with Mary Ambrose in San Francisco, where she was visiting at the time, on several occassions between late November and early December 2013 to plan their actions towards Geraldine Flemming-Mueller, once again citing that there was nothing illegal in his actions. His and Ambrose's motivation in doing this, according to this Wikipedia editor was to teach 'this arrogant woman what the world really thinks of her.' When Mary Ambrose was contacted at the residence of her boyfriend, whom financially supports her, and whom she lives with, to inquire about the situation, she denied knowing this Wikipeida editor altogether. When the police advised her that they had in their possession time stamped photos of herself and the Wikipedia editor taken in San Francisco taken between late November and early December of 2013, as well as records of texts, voicemails, and phone calls she made to him, she then admitted that 'I guess I might know him, but we're not friends.' According to all reports, the emails she made to this man were clearcut in their malignant intentions towards Geraldine Flemming-Mueller. Regardless of this, Mary Ambrose insisted that she had nothing to do with the internet attack on Geraldine Edwards, and that this Wikipedia editor had acted on his own. In short, she hung him out to dry. This man also refused to believe that Mary Ambrose had initially denied knowledge of him, saying 'Untrue. Mary and I are the very best of friends. She would never say that about me. No way. I spoke with her yesterday for over twenty minutes.' He then accessed his phone log showing this to be true. He was charged and convicted of Internet Slander and Defamaion, as well as Internet Obscentiy. He was put on parole for two years, although he will serve no time behind bars due to the fact that he has no prior convictions, in addition to being given court ordered therapy. Insomuch as he has been diagnosed with a bona fide mental disorder ascertained by the Pschological Evalutation her underwent, in conjunction with the hostile actions he demonstrated towards Geraldine Flemming-Mueller, a TRO had been granted to Tony and Geraldine Flemming-Mueller that orders this Wikipeida editor to stay 5000 yards away from them at all times.

How many times was Chris Blackwell the founder of Island Records married and what were his wives names?

Chris Blackwell's first wife's name was Ada, who was a British socialite, and they were married from the seventies till the mid-nineties. They divorced. In 1998, Blackwell married Mary Vinson, the designer, who was introduced to him through his client, Grace Jones. Mary Vinson has now passed away, however, her husband has established a foundation in her name in honor of her memory.

What bands appeared on the Chrysalis record label?

Chrysalis entered into a licensing deal with Chris Blackwell's island Records for distribution,based on the succes of bands like Jetro Tull,Cat Stevens,Robin Trower and Procol Harum,which were promoted by the label.