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yes if u broke up with ur boy friend/girl friend

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Q: WE kissed each other can he love you?
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Has Rouge the Bat ever kissed Knuckles?

They fell on each other and kissed, so yes I think they fell in love after that.

Do john cena and maria love each other?

yes their are in love because john cena and maria kissed each other because they have chemistery together theire

Did ray ray ever kissed a girl?

Yes he has kissed janae Clark his new gf of 2012 forever. They love each other.

Does frida and manny love each other?

==YES!== They ====kissed==== at the end of No Belt, No Boots, No 'Brero!!

What would happen if you kissed a girl on the cheek?

then u and the girl will fall in love with each other

Did bokka and loor kissed each other-pendragon?

no they didn't, love is an emotion that could not come in Loor's way

Does nat wolff hate allie dimeco?

No.allie dimeco nd nat wolff really love each other they have kissed several times in naked brothers band if they dont love each other y would they kiss each other.:)

Who kissed on kisses and miss of iCarly?

Sam and Freddy kissed each other.

When does Hinata kiss Naruto?

they already kissed once but it was accendintly they bumoed into each other and kissed

Does sakura and Sasuke love each other?

sakura loves sasuke coz sasuke used genjutsu and kissed sakura .in genjutsu nobody can see wat happened except the people who are there and it even happens coz u can feel it......... naruto loves hinata and i guess even kissed her so sasuke and sakura still love each other

Do Eli and Clare still love each other in season 11?

yes but my guess is Clair will change he mind and say when they kissed it was a mistake

He kissed me at a party but never asked me out?

Hey sweetie, I think if this boy kissed you at a party and he didnt ask you out he probably just wanted to be kissed although he could like you, it depends what the kiss was like and where you stand with each other now :) sorry, Love from M.I.S.