Use frantic in a sentence

Updated: 4/28/2022
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yea u use it in like panic

ex: I was getting frantic

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Q: Use frantic in a sentence
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How would you use frantic in a sentence?

I began to become frantic in my search for a parking space.

What could be a sentence with frantic in it?

Everyone was frantic as the fire got closer to the neighborhood.

A sentence for frantic?

The kids were frantic when they heard that there was a gunman at their school!! just an example (:

Which type of sentence can a translator use to set a frantic or anxious tone?

Short, quick sentences (Apex)

Frantic in a sentence?

Here' s a little hint to how you could structure your sentence...............made a frantic last-minute search for the lost key.

Can I have a Sentence with the word frantic?

i lost my car keys and now i am frantic and tyring to remember what happened to them.

What can complete this analogy frantic and wild?

Nervoud : calm

How do use the word passport in a sentence?

After a frantic search, the passenger found his misplaced passport and held it above his head in triumph.

How can you use augury in a sentence?

The fortune teller sat in his throne of augury. The augury predicted floods and famine after watching the bird's frantic behavior.

Can you give me a sentence for they or us?

When they saw us coming, we became frantic.

Sentence for frenetic?

To be frenetic is to be frenzied or frantic. An example sentence would be: The fire made everyone there frenetic.

What is a sentence for frantic?

That kid was very frantic when he heard he got an F on his vocabulary test