Unhappy in a relationship

Updated: 4/28/2022
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if you are unhappy in your relationship than you must be one of the most happiest couples in the whole world. keep being unhappy and everything is all right. ;)

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Q: Unhappy in a relationship
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Why does the guy you like mess with you when he has a girlfriend?

It could be that he is unhappy in the current relationship. It could be that the girlfried he has doesnt meet his needs. But he could also just be a player. Either way its not right what he is doing and if he is unhappy in his current relationship then should not be in it.

You feel unhappy an not sure why this is affecting your relationship what should you do?

well, if you are a women and you are unhappy all the time, your partner of the opposite sex may think you are unhappy with your relationship. so try doing something like a girls night in or if your partner thinks you are unhappy with the relationship,, go to a more racy, sexalicious naughty, bad girl inside of you, if you know what i mean,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,SEX. you take off your clothes, put some heels on, he takes off his clothes, put on some candles, or inside the bathtub.

What should you do if you are unhappy with the way things are going in your relationship but even if you ignore or avoid the person you still love them?

Any two people can love eachother. It takes mature and committed people to make a relationship work. Loving a person doesn't matter if you are generally unhappy in the relationship. If the relationship is worth saving, it is time to sit down and have a talk with your partner and go into 'couples therapy.'

What should you do if you're in a relationship where you're both unhappy and you always fight about stupid things and now at your work there's a guy who always makes you laugh and brightens your day?

If evidently that happens, tell the person you are in the relationship with the truth, tell them that you are unhappy, and that you want to make them happy, and that is to let them go.

Are all relationships unequal?

No. If you are in an unequal relationship and are unhappy you are doing something wrong. Do not pass GO, do not collect 200$.

Why is my partner sexually violent?

Only THEY can answer that truthfully ! If you're in a violent relationship - and you're unhappy... seek help NOW to get out !

When a woman finds out the man she is in a relationship with is married but knows he is unhappy what should she do?

if he is unhappy then he needs to divorce his wife and the other woman should wait until some paperwork gets filed before she gets to serious.

When is a man really over a relationship?

When he just does not feel like he is being loved , and ignoring you and doing other things with his life. He probably won't cheat on you, but you can tell he is bored and unhappy with any relationship he is in.

If a man is unhappy with the person they are with are they more likely to cheat to find a better relationship?

People who are unhappy with themselves often project their dissatisfaction onto others and hope that by changing externals they may sooth their inner emptiness. In other words, "yes."

Should you break up with your bf because he is being a jerk and shady?

If you are unhappy in a relationship, then you should end it. Life is too short not to be happy in relationships. A relationship should enhance your life, not bring you down.

Why do you experience depression?

Usually you are really sad about a relationship, a broken heart, a lost loved one, confusion....just about anything bad, or unhappy.

How do you better your relationship?

Say it how it is. Honesty is the best policy and trust me it is as I myself have learnt the hard way. If your unhappy say so do not stay in a relationship where your unhappy because it will just end in bitterness. What is the point in not telling your partner everything anyway because nine times out of ten they will find out anyway. Just tell each other everything bad or good.