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ask a friend to play truth or dare with him and make her say truth to him ask "who do you like" if he says someone not you its not you but if he says you then say "i love you too" and go on from there..... it works That won't work usually most boys would pick dare if he picked truth he would say he dosent like anybody probably but giving hints and flirting is the way to go just dont flirt too much or he might get scared. I find it's best not to pour your love out to him by flirting, but maybe just write him a letter and slip it into his bag. If he likes you he will respond. Trust me it worked when I tried! the letter thing does work, but make it an anonymous one!my friend tried it and it worked really well!(6 months)

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Q: Umm there's This Boy I Like But Im Really Shy Around Him i Feel Like Melting And I Want To Ask Him Out But I Feel To Nervous What Should I Do?
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What should you do when you are 14 and you still like your ex from when you were 12 and you had your friend break up with him for you and he's really shy and always avoids me?

He is probably just hurt & nervous around you! You should talk to him and be like, I'm really sorry....

Why would you not be nervous around the guy you like?

you should be nervous unless you go through guys like water. no offence. you should be nervous because its a guy you like and all those emotions have to be controled and some of it will slip out and you dont know what. this is why you should feel nervous.

You are 13 and always nervous around your boyfriend what should you do?

just talk to him

Should a guy give up on pursuing a girl if he's sure she likes him but she's very nervous and shy around him but not around other guys?

no.suck it up and tell her.I've done it it's really not that hard

What if your boyfriend and you have just started kissing and he really likes to and you do to but your nervous what should you do?

be cool and kiss it up

Should you put a ribbon around a newborn puppy's neck?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! It will make them feel petrified and nervous around you. DONT

You like a girl but i get nerves around her what should you do?

nerves mean that you like her. it depends how nervous you get around her... you never know she might b nervous too! you should probably start hanging around her just to get confidence, if she seems interested it means she likes you, rememberthere's plenty on other fish in the sea!

What does it mean when you dream about a boy you really like?

It means that you have a HUGE crush on him. You should try asking him out. If your too nervous than be his really close friend. Don't be really crazy or weird around him, just be yourself. Don't be crazy in love with them though because they may not feel the same way about you.

How do you ask out someone you really like but your too nervous to ask them?

Send them a valentine. Be nice to them, and when you think they like you, ask them out; it's not that hard really! I should know! ;)

You have been dating this girl for almost 2 months and she is still very nervous around you according to her friends she cant stop thinking about you at home what should you do to open her up?

Its natural for girls to be nervous around guys, dont worry, she will warm up to it in her won time. oviously she really likes you, so just give her a little more time. if the nervousness doesnt stop in another week or so, just confront her. Just say that you feel like she is nervous around you, and was just wondering why....

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