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They both have momentum and their equations are similar.

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Q: Two ways angular momentum and linear momentum are alike?
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the different methods are: 1. Linear method. 2. Angular method.

What is one way to increase the momentum of an object?

Momentum is of two kind. One is linear momentum and the other is angular momentum. Linear momentum is defined as the product of the mass and the velocity. Hence a vector quantity. To change the momentum of a given body with its mass constant, its velocity is to be changed. Velocity change could be made by changing its magnitude or direction or both. Angular momentum is the product of moment of inertial and the angular velocity. Same manner, angular momentum is also a vector quantity as angular velocity is a vector quantity. Most of us think that moment of inertia of a body about any prescribed axis is also a vector quantity. It is totally wrong as far as my approach is concerned. Moment of inertia is a scalar quantity. So to change the momentum, some force can be applied by allowing a moving body to collide with. Angular momentum can be changed by applying torque on it. Torque colloquially saying is a turning force. Moment of effective force about an axis is termed as torque.

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