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sneezing and giving oneself "the stranger"

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example of indirect voluntary acy

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Q: Two types of indirect voluntary act?
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What is directly voluntary act?

Act that is directly voluntary.

Which term does not belong predictable response voluntary act involuntary act or reflex?

Voluntary Act

Is an indirect voluntary act intentional?

In every actions either intentionally or unintentionally done, it has purpose/s. this purpose/s could be latent or manifest. You might unintentionally doing it but the consequences as the result shall be faced.

What is directly voluntary?

Act that is directly voluntary.

What act made grenville shift from indirect to direct taxation?

The Stamp Act was Greenville's first direct tax. This was the act that caused him to shift from indirect to direct taxation.

What happens in an indirect democracy?

In an indirect democracy, people elect representatives to act on their behalf.

Actus reus should be voluntary or involuntary?

Actus reus refers to the voluntary physical act or conduct that is an essential element of a criminal offense. It is generally required that the act be voluntary, meaning that the person intentionally and consciously engaged in the act. However, in some cases, such as involuntary manslaughter, a person may be held liable for an unintentional act that resulted in harm or death.

What is voluntary sexual relations?

Both parties are awake and of legal age and agree to the act. Mostly married folks engaging in the act would qualify as voluntary.

What is the meaning of Voluntary provision?

a voluntary provision is an act of giving freely without demanding for pay back, that is wholeheartedly.

Is the excretion process under voluntary control?

The example of the processes which is under voluntary control are urination and defecation. Voluntary control is an act that is normally controlled by an individualâ??s will.

What is voluntary and involuntary behavior?

voluntary act is an act that you willingly perform of your own accord without persuasion involuntary act is an act that you perform because you are either forced to or that you perform without the control to stop it. In an involuntary act, if you could avoid doing it, you would.

What tax was a indirect tax on American colonies?

the sugar act